All about Deep freeze

Deep Freeze is a self-service retail yogurt shop concept and has long-term presence plans in the Northeast Ohio market, including Cuyahoga Falls, Akron, and Cleveland area. Along with existing investment capital and an extensive industry expertise, the founding members of Deep Freeze are passionate about making our yogurt concept a phenomenal success in the State of Ohio beginning with our presence in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Immediately Deep Freeze is looking to bring Frozen Yogurt Desserts to the Akron market where the concept of self-service and its unique product lines are currently in the beginning stage of market penetration. The company’s initial offerings will be a self-service store where the customer can choose from a large variety of flavors and toppings. Through selective marketing we intend to create a loyal customer base that will see Deep Freeze as a high-class, yet affordable Frozen Yogurt Shop with a quality product offering.

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